About Me

Thanks for stopping by! I am an experienced Network Architect with a focus in Software Defined Networking. I have worked hands-on designing and implementing many of the market leading SD-WAN, SASE, and firewall technologies.

Currently, I work as a SASE Technology Architect at Lumen Technologies. I interface with end customers to determine which of our SASE technologies and/or management services would best fit their network and security needs. Having spent several years working for different SD-WAN & SASE vendors, I bring a technology focused, vendor agnostic, approach to solving the customer’s needs.

In my free time, I enjoy tinkering with python and other coding languages. Automation is a skill I have been learning off and on for the past several years through hands on projects mostly in my lab environment. I am still very much in this learning phase, and am by no means an expert in this field.

This blog is primarily used to document my own learnings from customer interactions, coding projects, or other one off technology issues I may run into.

Professional Experience

Technology Architect – SD-WAN/SASE

Technical Solutions Architect

Senior Systems Engineer – SASE

Senior Technical Support Engineer – SD-WAN